We've come a long way since 1950, and our journey is far from over. These people are responsible for helping us become what we are today, and for helping us become even better in the future!



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  • Andrew A. Black


    Email: ablack@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-693-9494 (Peoria)

    Phone: 309-385-4375 x 202 (Princeville)

    Cell: 309-231-2265

  • Matthew B. Daily

    Vice President/Senior Lender

    Email: mdaily@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-385-4375 x 204 (Princeville)

    Cell: 309-251-7721

  • Tyra Delwiche

    Vice President of Operations/Cashier

    Email: tdelwiche@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-385-4375 x 209 (Princeville)

  • J. Boger Hessing

    Vice President/Commercial Relationship Manager

    NMLS# 480570

    Email: bhessing@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-693-9494 x 402 (Peoria)

    Cell: 309-231-5881

  • Lori J. Nevells

    Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer/Internal Auditor

    Email: lnevells@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-385-4375 x 220 (Princeville)

    Phone: 309-693-9494 x 412 (Peoria)

    Cell: 309-231-3107

  • Jennifer S. Wahl

    Vice President/Branch Manager

    Email: jwahl@p-s-b.com

    Phone: 309-693-9494 x 401 (Peoria)

    Cell: 309-635-0162

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